Information for print directory advertisers and graphic designers.

Rotary Print Directory Ads

How do Ad graphics and layout work?

We do not have the services of an in-house graphic artist but can help with typing and straightforward layout where needed and can handle a range of formats. For any major creative work however, we recommend the use of a professional graphic artist who understands the technical aspects of commercial colour printing and will be able to provide a ”ready to insert” PDF file (CMYK colour, correct size, high resolution).

What if I have changes to my current advert(s)?

We are sometimes unable to make changes to adverts that have been previously given to us “ready to insert”  as images. Changes may need to be made on the original working documents and then forwarded again as a “ready to insert” file, preferably a PDF.

Are there discounts for multiple Ads?

There is a discounted price for not-for-profit clubs, groups and organisations.

How do we send our adverts?

Your files can be emailed to or you can provide the files on a thumbdrive at the office. The address is Office 4, 101 Bussell Hwy, Margaret River.

What are the payment options?

Your invoices will outline several options for making payments. Please finalise by 31 August to ensure inclusion. Payments by instalments may be negotiated with before the due date of 31 Aug.

Is my Ad included in the online directory?

All Rotary Directory advertisers will have basic details listed free-of-charge in the Business Search section of this site and can optionally upgrade and enhance these online entries.

Print Listings Hints & Tips

TEXT ONLY ADVERTS (Basic and Eighth Page)

Details of Basic Listings and Eighth-page adverts can be forwarded to us via email, post or you can drop it in to office 4, 101 Bussell Highway, Margaret River WA 6285. We will apply our standard fonts and formats. Basic Listings can have up to 6 lines and Eighth-Page adverts can have up to 12 lines.  Keep in mind that the business name may be taking up 2, 4 or even 6 of these lines depending on the number of characters.

GRAPHIC ADVERTS (Quarter, Half & Full Page)

Graphic Adverts can be either landscape (125 mm x 40mm) or Portrait (60mm x 80mm). They can be black & white or colour, have your own choice of font & layout, and they can include graphics and/or photos. If you supply your own advertisement, please provide as a print ready PDF and make sure it meets the size and print criteria below.

Size and Print Criteria

Please provide Graphic Adverts as a print ready PDF file, meeting the following criteria:- Four-colour process CMYK and not RGB colour space
– Black text is 100% black and not a mix of CMYK
– White text is not set to overprint
– Fonts are embedded (or converted to outlines so no fonts are needed)
– Images are embedded in the file
– All scans resolution are 300 dpi at 100% of the final image size
– Border is the size of advert


Any images supplied should be high enough resolution for quality printing (300 dpi), but keep in mind that high resolution cannot fix a poor image.

Note that images prepared for the internet are usually less than 100 dpi and are not high enough resolution for printing. Vector images are preferable.


Commercial printing is very different to printing something from your computer. Matching your colours can be difficult as your home computer and commercial printing work with different colour systems.

We work with CMYK colours – RGB is only for digital colour.


When you supply your advert to us it will generally have an embedded subsection of your fonts for printing. If we need to edit it we will need these fonts on our system or will need to replace the fonts with ours.

We prefer that you do not convert fonts to outlines.


The preferred way to provide us with your advertisement is as a high quality, “ready-to- insert” PDF with settings for High Quality Print or Press Quality.

Other Formats

PDF is the only format accepted.

Order Payments


All funds go directly into a separate Rotary Club of Margaret River bank account dedicated to the Rotary Directory.

Bank Account Details

Bank Account Details
Rotary Club of MR Inc – Dir
BSB: 016-520
ACC: 252150961

Credit/Debit Cards

Call us during business hours and we will process your credit card payment.

Direct Deposits

Please make payment into the bank account as per above. To ensure that the payment can be easily allocated to your account, please note your invoice number.

Mob: 0468 934 564

Payment Plans

Ability to manage cashflow is important to small businesses. In recognition of this, Rotary Margaret River Directory is pleased to be able to offer payment plans by credit card payments or recurring direct debit payments from your nominated bank account. Once you have selected a payment plan we will process it.

– Full Page – Four (4) monthly payments of  $287.50 (ex GST) plus applicable fees*
– Half Page – Four (4) monthly payments of $187.50 (ex GST) plus applicable fees*
– Quarter Page – Three (3) monthly payments of $150 (ex GST) plus applicable fees*
– Eighth Page – Three (3) monthly payments of $66.67 (ex GST) plus applicable fees*
– Basic Listing – Two (2) monthly payments of $50 (ex GST) plus applicable fees*

Customised plans available as required (eg. multiple adverts/listings)
* Applicable fees as of 29 August 2019 as per below

Credit/Debit Card Fees

Credit Card Payments:
1.87% per transaction
$0.33 per transaction

Recurring Direct Debits:
From bank accounts – $0.88
From credit card – $0.88 plus 1.87% per transaction
Dishonour fee – $5.50 per dishonour